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Get Goli to Falcon Ridge

Goli would like to perform at Falcon Ridge, which would be awesome. Help make it happen by putting them on your surveys?

In addition to Goli, I also suggest some of the artists I posted about last year:
  • Värttinä - Finland's most popular folk-band, puts on an amazing, rocking show. 5 female vocals (all together, in the Finnish harmony style), drums/percussion, accordion, bass, strings, ... Listen to the mp3 clips behind that link.

    It might be tricky to draw them to Falcon Ridge since they don't tour the US that often, but on the other hand this is the sort of gig that might induce them to do another US tour.

  • Jason Webley, a street busker turned touring singer/songwriter from Seattle. Kind of like what a solo version of moxy früvous might be like, but more intense and with fewer straightforwardly-funny songs. He plays guitar, accordion, harmonica, piano, drums, and other random things sometimes; tells stories and does ballads and ditties and folksongs and poetry, fast and slow, quiet and loud, jumpy and reflective; involves the audience in ways that others do and in ways al his own (here, take this imaginary apple from my hand and pretend to die while I sing this verse...). He would get the entire hillside spinning. Here's a video of him performing.

  • Jonathan Coulton, nerdiest of singer/songwriters. Internet-famous for hits like Code Monkey and First of May (which I think Falcon Ridge would *not* want him to do :). See also this wonderful Harry Potter / Firefly mashup to The Future Soon.

  • Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem from western MA, the new version of the band that used to be Salamander Crossing. The Salamanders were a folk/rock band with bluegrassy instrumentation. Daisy Mayhem keeps Rani's wonderful voice and fiddling, Andrew Kinsey on bass, and adds a drum kit made of recycled and spare parts (like luggage). It sounds like a cross between Salamander Crossing and a jug band, with a blend of bluegrass, oldtime, and fast-driving folk-rock.

Poll #1595087 frff2010presurvey

I plan to list on my survey:

Jason Webley
Jonathan Coulton
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem

Any other artist?

P.S. Until 2008, the surveys always had six spaces for artists not here this year who you'd like to see, didn't they? I remember being surprised and nonplussed to find only three spaces on the 2009 survey, but I think I put six names down anyway. I hope they go back to six this year.
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