Cos (cos) wrote in falconridge,

Write Goli and Jason Webley on your survey!

Last year I posted suggesting a few bands who had never been to Falcon Ridge before. This year, I wanna focus on just two of them: Goli and Jason Webley.

[ Here's a video of Jason Webley playing a request for Freebird.
Watch more Jason Webley videos from that show. ]

[ Here is Goli playing a Balkan song,
and busking with an instrumental at Boston's Quincy Market. ]

Jason Webley's going on touring hiatus after the end of his tour this year, so let's draw him back from hiatus with Falcon Ridge 2012 or 2013! And I know Goli wants to perform at Falcon Ridge. Cello + electronic marimba duo, it'll be awesome!

I hope you'll put them both on your surveys.
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