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Falcon Ridge moves to new weekend in 2013

After holding the festival on the fourth weekend of July for decades, Ann Saunders writes:
    Greetings FRFFers,

    Fall is upon us and so are plans for our 25th FRFF. The big news is a DATE CHANGE in 2013 to the first weekend in August and hopefully out of the Southern Berkshire summer monsoon season. Next year's dates are August 2, 3, 4. Campgrounds will open Weds July 31.
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Budgiedome 2011

Thanks to everyone who came out and played and watched music at The Budgiedome! We made it to daybreak on Sunday morning!

Thursday Night

Friday Night

Saturday Night

+2011 Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist ++2011 Most Wanted
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Write Goli and Jason Webley on your survey!

Last year I posted suggesting a few bands who had never been to Falcon Ridge before. This year, I wanna focus on just two of them: Goli and Jason Webley.

[ Here's a video of Jason Webley playing a request for Freebird.
Watch more Jason Webley videos from that show. ]

[ Here is Goli playing a Balkan song,
and busking with an instrumental at Boston's Quincy Market. ]

Jason Webley's going on touring hiatus after the end of his tour this year, so let's draw him back from hiatus with Falcon Ridge 2012 or 2013! And I know Goli wants to perform at Falcon Ridge. Cello + electronic marimba duo, it'll be awesome!

I hope you'll put them both on your surveys.
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Falcon Ridge suggestions

One suggestion I've been putting on my survey for several years in a row, is that there be another beginner contra workshop on Saturday. Lots of people arrive too late to get to the one they usually schedule for pretty early on Friday afternoon. I'm planning to write that again this year, because I see on the schedule that the only beginner contra is 2-3pm on Friday.

What are some suggestions you put on your surveys?

Summer Babies

Considering taking my (then) 8month old twins to FRFF this year. What level of crazy/wonderful would you rank this? Experiences?

Also, I exclusively pump breastmilk for them and would like to continue to until their one year birthday in Nov, so I would need to pump every 4 hours. And wash bottles. Should we camp or stay someplace? Is it still possible to rent a room near-by?

What if it rains?

Walk me through this, my veteran parent folkies.