Paul Mischler (misch) wrote in falconridge,
Paul Mischler

Budgiedome 2008

Before the big storm on Sunday, I wrote the following lines on the inside of The Budgiedome:

"Budgiedome 2008: Come in. Get closer. Know your neighbor"

Saturday night during the rains after mainstage, we all crowded in to get out of the weather.  A picture I took from the stage end of the dome has at least 50 distinct people visible in the photo, and there were others who were obscured by We're About 9, or who were just out of the frame of the photo.

Little did I realize that slogan would become even more important on Sunday when we hosted a few people who had most of their camp blown apart in the storm.  The Bugdiedome survived thanks to it's flexible design and hard work from Steve Martin. Many thanks to Lori Martin, Trace, Genevieve, valjean615 and many others for helping us get set up for the concerts.

Many thanks to all our good neighbors including Tribes Hill (and AcousticMusicScene), the Front Porch, and the Syracuse University Outing Club.  Many thanks also to Alan Rowoth for pointing out the sites on the hill where good music can be heard.

And MANY MANY MANY thanks to all of you who stopped by, including our performers.

And many thanks to horvendile for doing all the leg work in convincing performers that we're a good place to play.

Here they are! Our 2008 performers, including links to all their websites.

Budgiedome 2008 - Wandering Minstrels Adopted

Thursday Night (In order of appearance)

Friday Night (In order of appearance)

Saturday Night (In order of appearance)

* 2008 FRFF Emerging Artist
+ 2008 FRFF Most Wanted

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